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The Hair Foundation and the 7th Annual World Congress for Hair Research

This year, the seventh annual World Congress for Hair Research will be held at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre from May 4-May 6, 2013. The Congress is a joint meeting of hair research societies worldwide (European, North American, Japanese, Korean, Indian and Australasian Societies). It is considered a major event for hair professionals such as specialist physicians, dermatologists, surgeons and scientists from academia and the industry.

Some of the Hair Foundation’s doctors will be presenting at the event and this includes the following:

May 5: Dr. Vera Price – Psychology and Hair Disorders workshop (4 p.m.)

May 6: Dr. Russell Knudsen - The surgical Management of Cicatricial Alopecias (10:30 a.m.)

In addition, following the World Congress event, is the International Investigative Dermatology Conference. It will be held from May 8 – May 11, also in Edinburgh.

On the agenda for May 9 is Dr.Kurt Stenn of the Aderans Research Institute, Inc. He will participate in a discussion on the full-thickness skin with mature and cycling hair follicles using tissue culture expanded human cells.

The Hair Foundation’s Vice Chair, Dr. Ken Washenik, is the Chief Executive Officer of Aderans.

We hope to see you in Edinburgh next month.



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