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Hair Highlighting and Scalp Necrosis

In the March/April issue of Hair Transplant Forum International, the newsletter by Hair Foundation’s partner ISHRS, it included a case report of scalp necrosis and subsequent scarring alopecia caused by a hair highlighting procedure done at hair salons.  In this article, the Hair Foundation’s doctors William ParsleyRussell KnudsenE. Antonio Mangubat, and Paul Rose shared their experiences with similar injuries caused by hair highlighting. Their responses came from an online discussion about the case as well as a review of the pathophysiology of this injury as previously reported in medical literature.

For a follow-up, the next newsletter issue includes a second part of the story, “Bleaching necrosis from hair highlighting: prevention, treatment of the chemical burns and resulting scarring alopecia (grafts vs. scar excision and/or expanders and flap advancement).” It discusses acute maneuvers that can be performed when a chemical burn occurs to help limit the damage and treat the burn and the surgical options for hair restoration surgeons to treat these cases.

This article includes commentary from the Hair Foundation’s Dr. Mangubat.

Here’s a link to the article.

In a previous multi-part series of articles on this blog called Scalp Reconstruction:An Aesthetic Challenge, Mangubat gave an overview of HRS cosmetic and reconstructive options and applications for their use in implementing treatments for massive hair loss from devastating illness or injury. Specifically, he focused on the challenges of major scalp defect reconstruction in achieving a cosmetically superior result.

The series began in February.

To learn more about hair loss and treatments, please check out our physician videos.

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