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Dangers From Hair Extensions

With the increasing popularity of hair extensions (benefits include temporarily having longer hair and less hair care maintenance), recently presented a post called, Just How Bad Are Extensions for Your Hair?

Pretty straight forward title, don’t you think?

The article points out the negative effects of hair extensions including hair loss and follicle damage. Other concerns include sew-in hair extensions and the need to go to a professional  who has been trained with hair extensions at a legitimate salon.

The Hair Foundation blog was interested to hear Dr. Matt Leavitt’s, president and chair of the Hair Foundation, take on this subject.

According to Leavitt, “Hair extensions have become increasingly affordable and extremely popular over the past several years.  However, hair extensions may be damaging if not performed correctly by a professional.  Extensions that have not been sewn-in (or glued-in) correctly may contribute to, or lead directly, to hair loss.  This condition, known as traction alopecia, is a result of stress or tension on the scalp and hair follicle roots on a prolonged or regular basis.  If your extensions are causing strain on your hair, have them removed and take a break before they are reapplied, to prevent it from leading to a permanent problem. Should you already be experiencing some thinning or hair loss where you have extensions, have them removed immediately and see a physician.  “

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