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At-Home Hair Tips for Aging Hair

Many of us are in search of  the next great hair product or hair trick, especially as our hair begins to age.  And we don’t want to spend a lot of money to do so.

Good Housekeeping had a recent article that included six hair tips to look younger. All of these can be done at home for little or no money.

1. To boost body on thinning hair, add body with hot rollers.

2.  A second way to maximize volume is to use products for thinning hair such as whipped mousse, light hair gel or spray foam.

3. Want to go gray? Cut your hair shorter and let it go naturally. Not so brave? Cover your grays with semipermanent color until it’s abundant (maybe six months) and then just cut the cord on hair color.

4. If you have gray hair, use shampoo that is clear or white or try a purple-tint formual to cut down on that brassy color.

5. Gray hair is coarser so use a conditoner for coarse or curly hair and periodically use a deep conditioner on your hair.

6. To brighten up your brown hair, add cool or warm tones with temporary coloring. One recommended product is L’Oreal Paris Excellence-to-Go ($9.49 in drug stores).

To learn more about these tips, see the following link from the article.

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